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Notable Clients

Attorney Kolpan has been retained in some notable cases including several wrongful death claims arising out of violent murders occurring in a condominium complex, a town housing authority apartment, a private home and a drive by shooting.  In each case, the wrongful death suit was filed against an entity (condominium association), governmental agency, an owner and/or the perpetrator. He is also representing a high school athlete who allegedly sustained a traumatic brain injury while playing soccer.

In the recently settled wrongful death claim against the condominium association and unit owner, Attorney Kolpan and Attorney Mark Itzkowitz, Of Counsel to the Law Office of Kenneth Kolpan, P.C., obtained a three million ($3,000,000) settlement for the family of a man who was murdered by his next door neighbor.  The suit claimed that the condominium association and the unit owner failed to warn the victim and other residents that a Level III Registered Sex Offender was living in their community, despite the association having received annual sex offender notices from the local police department.  The spokesperson for the association admitted they did not warn residents about this ex felon because it would decrease real estate values and brokers would not list the condominium properties.  

Attorney Kolpan was retained to represent a family whose mother was allegedly murdered (criminal trial is pending) by a housing authority resident.  The claim alleges that the housing authority negligently allowed the alleged murder to live in the facility despite the perpetrator's imprisonment for violent crimes.  

Attorney Kolpan was hired to represent a family whose mother was fatally stabbed and sibling was violently attacked in their home while eating dinner.  A wrongful death lawsuit was brought against the local City for its alleged negligent response to the victim's 911 call, taking at least 20 minutes to respond to the scene and treat the victims; and against the contracted ambulance service, American Medical Response, Inc. of Massachusetts, who arrived at the stabbing location allegedly 30 minutes after it was dispatched from its local site to the nearby home. While the defendant City has appealed the lower court's decision denying the City's motion to dismiss, the litigation is also proceeding against the private ambulance company.

Attorney Kolpan recently represented a widow whose husband was allegedly murdered by Aaron Hernandez, despite the criminal jury's determination that the late Aaron Hernandez was not guilty.  Though the settlement of the case is confidential, the Boston Globe did report that my client had settled the case and no Hernandez Estate funds were involved in the settlement.

Attorney Kolpan joined with Attorney Mark Itzkowitz in representing a Northeastern University freshman who was allegedly raped by a fellow student.  Though the lower court dismissed the claims on defendants' motion for summary judgment, Attorney Itzkowitz argued before the Massachusetts Supreme Court that the University had a duty to protect the freshman victim, and failed to meet its duty.  The SJC has the appeal under consideration and a decision is expected soon.

As many know, traumatic brain injury can occur during competitive sports at any level from professional to school level competition to recreational sports.  In a recent case, Attorney Kolpan was hired to represent a sophomore soccer player who sustained a traumatic brain injury in an interscholastic game following a mandatory practice where the team's coach allegedly required the players to do a soccer heading drill involving an excessive number of headers during a prolonged exercise.  Claim is being brought against the town that employed the coach for failing to properly train him about the state's sports concussion regulations requiring coaches to avoid placing athletes in danger, identifying those who sustain a brain injury and removing the athlete from practice and play until he can be examined and cleared to return to play by a medical professional.  The young student has suffered numerous cognitive problems while he confronts how his symptoms impact his education and daily life.