Concussion/Motor Vehicle Collision - $200,000 Settlement

Type of action: Personal Injury/Motor vehicle collision

Injuries alleged: Concussion

Name of Case: Withheld

Court/Case No: Suit not filed

Special Damages: $9,725.00

Amount (specify award or settlement): $200,000.00

Date (of verdict or settlement):April 26, 2000

Demand (required if defense verdict):

Insurance Carrier: Withheld

Attorney for plaintiff(s) and city of office: Kenneth Kolpan

Attorney for defendant(s) and city of office: N/A

Person who can verify report, including telephone and fax numbers (not for publication): Kenneth I. Kolpan, Boston, Ma. 617-426-2558

Other useful information:

On October 8, 1997, the plaintiff, a 48 year old female, was rear ended by the defendant's truck. Immediately prior to the collision, the plaintiff's vehicle was moving approximately ten (10) miles per. The plaintiff's vehicle then struck another vehicle in front of hers. Plaintiff sustained a concussion.

Plaintiff was involved in two other motor vehicle collisions shortly after the subject accident. The insurance company claimed that the plaintiff's current symptoms were causally related by the other motor vehicle accidents and/or her plaintiff's preexisting depression (for which she had received treatment).

At the time of the settlement, the plaintiff had returned to work as a social worker.

The matter was settled without filing suit in a face to face negotiation with insurance company's adjuster for $200,000.00